Lunch + Dinner

11 am – close


OYSTERS* east and west coast selections, mignonette sauce 4 each coming soon

OLIVES our own warmed olives mix with muddled figs and sun-dried tomatoes 4

GOAT CHEESE ADRIATICA fig conserve, toasted almonds 9

FRIED MOROCCAN CHICKPEAS smoked paprika, cayenne 4

POMMES FRITES classic 4 / parmesan 5 / sweet potato 5

ANTIPASTO creminelli dry-cured italian sausages, prosciutto di parma, smoked mozzarella, roasted garlic, grilled asparagus, marinated mushrooms, fire-roasted artichokes, balsamic onions, fresh mozzarella, grilled vegetables and olives   17


BEE STING tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, soppressata, marash pepper, honey, basil 14

LAHMAHJUN mediterranean spiced lamb, tomatoes, onions, paprika, parsley, mint  14

KALE & PANCETTA pecorino, garlic cream sauce, nutmeg, black pepper, lemon 16

BIRD’S NEST wild mushroom, garlic cream sauce, organic egg sunny-side up, arugula, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano 16

 starters & smalls

land & sea

SMOKED SALMON BRUSCHETTA* horseradish cream, capers, dill 17

MUSSELS VERDE* steamed in turkish raki with garlic-butter, fennel and parsley 16 coming soon

CALAMARI FRITTI peruvian aji amarillo dip 10

MOROCCAN PHYLLO CIGARS lamb, raisins, tomato, pomegranate molasses, pine nuts, currants, tahini yogurt 10

SESAME ENCRUSTED THAI CHICKEN SATAY sweet chili miso, slaw, shaved cucumber 12

TACOS bombay fish 6 / sea of cortez shrimp 8 / b.l.t. 6 / sampler with 1 of each 15


TEMPURA CAULIFLOWER fried crispy with tahini yogurt 7

HUMMUS & ZATAR FLATBREAD roast pepitas, sumac, urfa pepper 12

GRILLED ASPARAGUS parmesan, lemon 7

BROCCOLINI STRASCINATI sautéed with garlic, hot pepper 6

COUSCOUS SALAD raisins, toasted almonds, fresh cilantro, mint, el hanout, cherry tomatoes 6

HONEY ROASTED SPRING CARROTS toasted coriander & cumin seeds, thyme sprigs, tahini yogurt 7

BRAISED TURKISH GREEN BEANS tomato, herbs, onion 9

ATAULFO MANGO & CURRIED CHICKPEA SALAD cauliflower florets, baby spinach, black mustard, turmeric, cilantro 9                                                          


GRILLED DOUBLE LAMB CHOPS “A LA TURQUE”* fresh mint, oregano, couscous salad, braised turkish green beans 34

BISTRO STEAK FRITES* black angus ny strip, rosemary, thyme rub, truffled pommes frites, parmesan, mixed greeens 33

FLAT-IRON STEAK* spicy dry rub, grilled, chimichurri sauce, sautéed spinach, mashed yukon gold potatoes 27

BRICK ROASTED HALF CHICKEN lemon garlic sauce, rubbed in fresh herbs, grilled asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes 28

PAN SEARED MOROCCAN SALMON* coriander, cumin, marash pepper, lemon zest, broccolini, farro, cherry tomato, herbs 26

WHOLE FISH “EN PAPILLOTE” asian chili-garlic marinade, jasmine rice, broccolini strascinati 32

SHRIMP SCAMPI zesty lemon butter cream sauce, shaved garlic, sautéed shrimp, tomato medley, spaghetti 24

SWEET & SPICY BLACK PEPPER TOFU rosewood organic tofu, spring onions, ginger, jasmine rice 22

PENNE chianti sauce, sweet italian sausage, mellowed by cream, parmigiano reggiano, peas 23

SPAGHETTI & MEATBALL zola’s famous meatball, slow cooked marinara sauce, parmigiano reggiano 19  

  gluten free pasta available 


add grilled chicken 10, flat iron steak 12, blackened grilled salmon 14, cold smoked salmon 13, shrimp 12, prosciutto 9, avocado 2.95

ROASTED VEGETABLE eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, red onion, beets, goat cheese, turkish vinaigrette   17

KALE lemon, serrano chilis, mint, parmigiano reggiano, dijon dressing 15

COWBOY COBB* smoked salmon, avocado, currants, farro, corn, tomato, dry jack, pepitas, arugula, buttermilk basil pesto 19

GRILLED STEAK & STILTON spiced hanger steak, romaine, spinach, cherries, bacon crisps, stilton dressing 19.95

SUMMER FROM PROVENCE roasted red peppers, portabellas, goat cheese, pine nuts, turkish vinaigrette 15.95

SALADE ZOLA goat cheese, lightly breaded and baked, mixed greens, turkish vinaigrette 16.95

MARKET GREENS organic mesclun, tomato, cucumber, olives, carrots, turkish vinaigrette  8


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE a rich and decadent jar of joy 12

BLUEBERRY BUCKLE À LA MODE served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blueberry compote 9

RASPBERRY CHAMBORD CHEESECAKE graham cracker crust, raspberry coulis and fresh berries 9

LIMONCELLO CREAM FREEZE house made lemon gelato, limoncello liqueur 9

SIMON’S AFFOGATO espresso drizzled over vanilla ice cream 8.95