Brunch All Day

CREPES True To The Crêpe-Making Traditions of Brittany, We Use Two Kinds Of Flour. Freshly Ground Buckwheat Flour Complements our Savory Crêpes, while Pastry Flour is Perfect in our Dessert Crêpes. Also known as “Krampouz,” Crepes are Delicious for Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner – Anytime!

NUTELLA BANANA chocolate-hazelnut spread, ice cream, toasted almonds, crème chantilly, raspberry coulis 18

STRAWBERRY BANANA fresh strawberries and banana slices, served with michigan maple syrup, créme Chantilly 15

BLINTZ filled with cinnamon-scented farmer cheese and topped with brandied cherry preserves, crème fraiche 17

NORMANDIE sautéed apples, walnuts, & cranberries, drizzled with honey & crème Chantilly 18

KENDRICK’S FAVORITE choice of strawberry, orange, or almond-hazelnut butter, powdered sugar, fresh lemon 10

ZOLA’S HARVEST choice of strawberry, raspberry, apricot, or orange preserves & flavored butter, powdered sugar, fresh lemon 11


COLD SMOKED SALMON* sour cream, fresh dill, a drizzle of crème fraiche 20

COMPLETE BUCKWHEAT CREPE bavarian ham, comte cheese, organic egg 16

FLORENTINE organic spinach, comte cheese, drizzle of crème frâiche 15

CHAMPIGNON sautéed mushrooms & onions topped with porcini mushroom sauce and crème fraiche (can be vegetarian) 19


WAFFLES Made with Organic Greek Yogurt & Fresh Lemon Zest to Give Them A Slightly Sweet Flavor & Cake-Like Texture. Enjoy!

ZOLA’S CLASSIC Michigan maple syrup, powdered sugar 15

STRAWBERRY-BANANA DELIGHT fresh strawberries, bananas, crème chantilly, powdered sugar & mi maple syrup 16

à LA GABUS chocolate-hazelnut spread, vanilla ice cream, crème chantilly, raspberry coulis, powdered sugar 18

SPICED FRUIT topped with sautéed apples, cranberries, honey, walnuts, and garnished with crème fraiche 18

CHOCOLATE SNOWBALL chocolate waffle, vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis, toasted coconut, powdered sugar, crème Chantilly 17


EGGS from the Schwartz Family Organic Farm. Omelettes Served with Yukon Gold Roasted Potatoes. Toast Upon Request.

TURKISH EGGS* oven-baked sunny-side up, sautéed organic spinach, french feta, tomatoes, cucumbers & mediterranean olives 19

FARMHOUSE OMELETTE ham, vermont cheddar, sautéed onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic 20

ARTICHOKE OMELETTE open-faced, roasted red peppers, green beans, potatoes, red onions, cheddar cheese 19

COLD SMOKED SALMON OMELETTE fresh tarragon, scallions, creamy mustard sauce 20

ASPARAGUS AND GOAT CHEESE OMELETTE asparagus and french goat’s milk cheese 19

CLASSIC OMELETTE thyme, parsley & garlic 14

AMERICANA* 2 eggs any style, potatoes, choice of benton’s bacon, bavarian ham, edward’s breakfast sausage or local artisanal kielbasa 17

OMELETTE DUXELLES filled with sautéed mushrooms, onions and shallots, topped with our own porcini mushroom sauce and crème fraiche. This dish can be prepared vegetarian upon request 20

SOUTHWEST OMELETTE chorizo, roasted poblano chilis, sour cream, pico de gallo, Gabino’s spicy cilantro sauce, crème fraiche 20


SHAKSHUKA* two eggs, sautéed onions, peppers, french feta, kalamata olives, cumin & herbs 18

SMOKED SALMON PLATTER* cream cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce, capers, lemon, bagel 20

ALAN’S MISHMASH scrambled eggs, polish sausage, scallions, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes 18

HEDIYE’S BREAKFAST bagel, scrambled eggs, scallions, mushrooms, onions, garlic, havarti, tomato, kalamata olives 17

CLASSIC FRENCH TOAST Michigan maple syrup 19

TURKISH BRUNCH olives, feta, havarti, cucumber, tomato, dolmas, boiled egg, pastries, butter, preserves, dried fruit & nuts 19

DUTCH OVEN PANCAKES puffed pancakes, champagne mango, spring berries, lemon zest, lemon, powdered sugar 19

HUEVOS RANCHEROS corn tortillas, two Schwartz farm eggs over easy, queso blanco, ranchero sauce, romaine hearts 17

CRABCAKE BENEDICT toasted and buttered Wolferman’s English muffin, organic egg, lemon-chive crème fraiche 22

SALMON HASH roasted Scottish salmon, Yukon gold potatoes, scallions, dill, 2 eggs any style 20



add avocado 3, bacon 3.50, egg 1.95, cheese 3.25 substitute gluten free bread 1

CHILE-HONEY GLAZED SALMON BURGER norwegian salmon, pickled ginger, lettuce, tomato, onion, mango chutney, pommes frites 19

CLASSIC KOBE BURGER* 1/2 lb. snake river farms kobe beef, arugula, tomato, caramelized onions, pommes frites 17

GRILLED CHICKEN PANINO lemon-herb chicken breast, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, spinach-basil pesto, pomme frites 17

BLT toasted challah, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pommes frites 17

ZOLA’S MONTE CRISTO turkey, havarti, battered challah, lemon aioli, side of raspberry preserves   18

ROASTED PORTABELLA CAP spinach basil pesto, grilled vegetables, turkish vinaigrette, paesano roll 18

FALAFEL grilled red onion, ataulfo mango & curried chickpea salad, hummus, paesano roll 18

WILD RICE & LENTIL BURGER greens, tomato, Michigan cherry chutney, walnuts, pommes frites 19



FRESH FRUIT SALAD with a side of greek yogurt 9

GRANOLA with milk 9 or with fage greek yogurt 11

BAGEL WITH FRESH STRAWBERRIES cream cheese, raspberry preserves 9

BAGEL WITH TOMATO SLICES cream cheese, red onions, lettuce   9


Kid’s Menu & Allergen Information Available Upon Request